Sunday, May 4, 2014

Who we are ?

The world is running with the money only. No matter what your income will be but still you need extra income to enjoy and fullfilling other requirements, as some one wants to retire rich. Everyone needs money from a small kid to old man.So what to do to earn extra money ?? the big question itself but we have the answer of the question. An result of 10 years hard work in share market, commodity trading and currency
the say dont if you want to be poor you invest in share market, but the fact is not like that the worlds richest man of his time was investor he used to invest shares.

As the history of the investments says equity has given the better returns over the period of time any other assets. The money will not be double if you keep it a saving acount or banker locker. it has to be invested at regular time. So spenting the money earned from saving always a better option but now as you must be thinking that why we are telling that you must invest in share market . the answer itself  will be reflected in our services.

Earning 15% in a year from saving will make get some extra money. as we are in stock market since 10 years. We conduct research on the economy and the business cycles. its not about predicting the market 
but its about to be prepare for the future time that is going to come ahead. That is what makes difference.

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